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Disposable Products开心彩票最新版下载,开心彩票网址是多少,开心彩票网址

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Paper Satchel Bags

Paper Satchel Bags开心彩票最新版下载,开心彩票网址是多少,开心彩票网址

Printed or plain paper satchel bags used for packing and preserving freshness of viennoiseries , pastries, muffins, cookies, donuts, and other baked goods.

Paper Self Opening Sacks SOS Bag

Paper Self Opening Sacks SOS Bag开心彩票最新版下载,开心彩票网址是多少,开心彩票网址

Plain or printed paper self-opening sacks (SOS) bags with or without handle are ideal for consumer markets use as these bags are easy to fill, and to palletize because of their flat bottoms.

Table Covers

Table Covers开心彩票最新版下载,开心彩票网址是多少,开心彩票网址

Disposable plastic banquet table cover rolls, for indoor and outdoor use by restaurants and catering businesses, as well as by end consumers.

Trash Bags

Trash Bags开心彩票最新版下载,开心彩票网址是多少,开心彩票网址

Biodegradable, recycled and compostable bin liners on rolls or in bundles.